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FAQ's for Clients during SCCM Expansion

With our expansion, comes a lot of temporary shifts to ensure all our neighbors still receive the assistance and support they need. In order to complete the construction, we will be moving our ministry in two different phases. Phase One will be our food pantry and warehouse moving to our temporary location. Phase Two will be our Administrative offices moving to the temporary location. 


Below are a few questions that will help explain the timeline and plan for the year ahead.


Where is the temporary Food Pantry in Albemarle located?

SCCM has completed our move of the temporary Food Pantry. We are now located at 207 Old Charlotte Rd. Albemarle, NC 28001

You will go through a fence gate near Sunshine Nutrition that will take you down to the temporary Food Pantry. For more information; call our offices.

When is the Assistance Center moving to it's temporary location?

Our offices will be closed June 7th and 8th to complete our move to our temporary location for the Assistance Center. The address for this temporary location will be 201 Old Charlotte Rd. Suite 3 Albemarle, NC 28001 

Due to the Assistance Center being closed the Albemarle Pantry will also be closed for these two days while we move offices. 

When will clients begin receiving food/assistance at the temporary location?

Our Albemarle Food Pantry and Assistance Center will be open for clients to recieve food by appointment on June 10th. If you need food we will have a mobile pantry drive-through on Thursday, June 9th at the Oakboro Park. 

What is the address of the temporary location?

The address for the Assistance Center is 201 Old Charlotte Rd Suite 3, Albemarle, NC

Will the process be different to receive food at the Temporary Location?


  1. Clients will still make their appointment by calling 704-982-7915. 

  2. During their call, they will choose if they want to SHOP themselves for their food or receive a PRE-PACKED pantry box. 

  3. Stating June 10th, at the time of their appointment, ALL clients will go to our temporary office to check-in and receive a yellow card. 

  4. Clients will then take the yellow card to the temporary pantry location and give it to a staff member or volunteer to receive their food.

Will the hours of operation change at the temporary location?

No. The hours will remain the same. Monday through Thursday 9 AM to 4 PM and Friday 9 AM to 12 PM

Financial Assistance

When will clients need to go to our temporary location for financial assistance appointments?

Starting June 10, 2022 financial assitance appointments will be held at our temporary location at 201 Old Charlotte Rd. Suite 3, Albemarle, NC 28001

Is the process different on how clients will schedule their appointment?

No. Anyone who needs financial assistance will continue to call 704-982-7915 to schedule their appointment. 

General Questions

Will the SCCM phone number change during the move?

No. Our phone number will remain the same throughout the entire construction and move process. All clients, during any point, will continue to call 704-982-7915 to schedule an appointment for food or financial assistance.

When does SCCM expect to be moved back into their building at 506 S. 1st Street?

We hope to be back at 506 S. 1st street by January 2023! We will continue to keep our community updated on the project throughout the year. 

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